Personalise healthcare, improve operational results and strengthen your teams with the right technology.

MiCRONOS connects people and technology

We understand the challenges healthcare is facing and use our expertise and experience to offer the right solutions. This way, we make your teams more efficient and create a better experience for your patients. All this, in a safe and optimised environment.

Discover how a more connected digital environment enables personalised care, accelerates innovation, strengthen healthcare teams and improves results.

Custom solutions in healthcare

Teamwork and communication

Eliminate fragmented systems, get the right information at the right time, communicate and collaborate, coordinate healthcare and meet the needs of caregivers and patients.

Microsoft 365

Thanks to Microsoft 365, care teams can collaborate with intelligent tools and solutions. This way, they exchange ideas safely and the quality of care improves. Increase the effectiveness and quality of your processes, improve coordination of treatment plans and enable research projects.

Healthbot Service

The HealthBot Service simplifies the process of creating a chatbot that meets healthcare compliance and regulatory requirements. This SAAS solution provides users with intelligent and personalised access to health-related information and interactions through a natural conversation experience.

Microsoft Teams

Medical professionals want to provide the best possible care in today’s complex healthcare environment. With Microsoft Teams you work and communicate together in an easy and secure way with tools for chat, video, speech and healthcare. All in one hub.


Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams with the Electronic Patient Record, hospitals are able to conduct consultations online. This is not only beneficial to prevent new COVID-19 infections, it also reduces the number of unnecessary commutes. Healthcare providers can establish a secure connection themselves, have immediate access to relevant patient information and the ability to register all information immediately into the patient’s file.


With Microsoft Teams TeleConsult, patients can schedule and manage a doctor’s appointment online. As a care provider, you can communicate with your patients and guide them in a personal and safe way.


As part of your organisation’s digital transformation, you need to revisit and update your disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Prepare your organisation and make sure you have a well-defined business continuity strategy.

Security and privacy

Earning and keeping patients’ trust is essential. The trust that their wellbeing and personal information are in good hands. Staying secure and compliant within an ever-changing healthcare landscape is essential. Microsoft 365 offers an advanced security and compliance solution to help provide improved privacy of patient data.

Cloud migration

The benefits of moving to the cloud are plain to see. Cloud migration means you will reduce cost. You will increase efficiency, reduce risk and you will create an environment by which clinicians have access to all of the information they need, when they need it. And you will be in a position to truly leverage your data as a strategic asset by which financial and operational, as well as clinical, decisions can be made for a better employee and patient experience.


Technologies like artificial intelligence, edge computing and cloud-based systems create opportunities to introduce new connected devices, expand into telemedicine, develop digital therapeutics and explore other eHealth innovations.

With technology you can

  • improve patient outcomes
  • optimize efficiency
  • grow patient engagement
  • reduce costs

All success, however, depends on teamwork. Start unlocking the potential of technology in healthcare and learn how many of our customers are transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

Efficiency and automation

Help your medical teams to get organised, stay in their flow, work smarter and find what they need. Improve efficiency and create seamless integration with collaboration tools. Empower workstyles and offer a broad range of options for different user needs and preferences.


Your healthcare organisation might require that you implement strict controls on how teams are named and classified, whether guests can be added as team members, and who can create teams. Your teams might need to restrict the ability to add guests? With governance you can easily structure and create different roles, responsibilities, policies and processes. It is a crucial way to manage your projects in the best way possible.

User adoption

The healthcare landscape is changing fast. We understand that adopting new technology involves change, and change can be scary. MiCRONOS is the guide that walks you and your teams, step-by-step, through the best way to roll out Microsoft 365 in your organisation. Get to know our best practices and insights.

Power BI

Using Microsoft Power BI and the latest cloud technology, MiCRONOS optimizes hospitals and healthcare organizations. Thanks to this technology, you will get tremendous clarity and insight into your data, which will give you a better understanding of the overall performance. We help you make data-driven business decisions quickly and confidently, while saving valuable time and resources.