About us

De Cronos Groep is a catalyst in translating new technologies into business solutions.

Main office De Cronos Groep

Innovative entrepreneurship

De Cronos Groep is an outstanding example of innovative entrepreneurship. Founded in 1991, the then one-man company has grown into a larger group with more than 8,000 employees, more than 10,000 customers and offices in a dozen countries.

As a network organisation, we are a catalyst in translating new technologies into business solutions. The group is known as an ‘early stage’ investor and incubator of new and promising technologies. They promote the formation of its Competence Centres in order to take up this challenge.

De Cronos Groep
Microsoft Partner of the Year award

De Cronos Groep wins Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award.

Not only does this award represents our expertise and innovations in Microsoft Cloud technology, it also celebrates our strategic alignment with Microsoft and helping our customers achieve successful business outcomes by means of Microsoft technology.

Our impressive results with a year-over-year growth of 65% and a quadrupled Microsoft business over 3 years was one of the winning criteria.

Extensive expertise

All 500 competence centres within the group have extraordinary expertise in a particular field or industry; that is the core of the organisation. The technological diversity of the organisation means that we have experience in all facets of digital transformation at our customers. This end-to-end offering is unique in the Benelux.

Strong group

As a strong group also an early stage investor, incubator, integrator and venture capital firm. They have holdings in more than 200 companies in various sectors and is actively involved in the start-up of 20 companies per year.


The technology giant has now become the primary partner of De Cronos Groep. All our Microsoft expertise centres within the group join forces in MiCRONOS, the Microsoft community within the group.