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In the landscape of rapid AI innovation, questions arise: Where do we go? How do we maximize impact? What does success in this journey look like?

Embark on Your AI Transformation Journey
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At MiCRONOS, we’re here to guide you towards success in your Digital and AI transformation journey. By infusing AI across various business facets, we empower organizations to boost productivity, accelerate service delivery, optimize efficiency, and generate new business value.

Leveraging the extensive expertise within our ecosystem, MiCRONOS provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions tailored to your company’s needs. 

Our experts will assist you in making informed decisions at every stage of your journey, offering a range of solutions from a robust and reliable Cloud platform to advanced and intelligent AI solutions, along with an innovative portfolio of services.

Let’s take the next step in your AI Transformation journey.

AI & DATA Solutions by MiCRONOS

Business Ideation & Solutions


AI Strategy
& Experience

Organization & Culture

AI & Data Governance

Five pillars of our AI & DATA Solutions.

Business Ideation & Solutions

AI creates opportunities for any business. Create a clearly defined and practical plan.

The Gartner® 2022 AI Use-Case ROI Survey states that the “main barriers preventing implementation of AI are unable/hard to measure value and lack of understanding AI benefits and uses toward viable innovation, business objectives and use cases.”

Our Discover AI Workshop has 3 objectives

Get to know the world of digital innovation, data and Artificial Intelligence.


Together we dissect your business challenges and map out smart data applications.


A pragmatic plan to digital innovation.


The pace of AI innovation has intensified many of the questions leaders face when seeking to optimize AI value such as:

Starting by designing an AI-ready application and Data platform architecture which will determine the technologies needed and whether to buy a prebuilt solution, build it yourself, or opt for a combination.

Azure Open AI to power new AI applications or add capabilities to existing applications. Looking for strategic and technical advice?

Book an expert.

AI Strategy & Experience

Another pillar of AI success is applying the right model to your use case: using the right tool for the right job to solve specific problems and realize value.

This approach includes experience in building, testing and realizing AI value across an organization. Extending AI capabilities and tools from a small group of experts to the organization is also leading to success.

Today, it is important to focus on information structure and information  management. Only well-organized and cleaned data will be valuable for an AI model.

77% of mature organizations adopt an AI-first strategy, systematically considering AI for every use case.

Quote Gartner 2023

Organization & Culture

Defining a clear change management and adoption process with access to continuous learning and development.

Change consultants

Let’s make the right moves and take employee journeys to the next step: let’s introduce our change consultants.


We teach your employees to get the most out of the digital tools. Looking for a (customized) software training or need advice on a tailored training

AI & Data Governance

Implementation of processes to govern Data privacy, security and responsible use of AI.

AI must be built on a foundation of security, risk management and trust. An organization needs a governance framework for the use of AI and how this may affect data privacy and security policies.

Our offering

Zero Trust

Apply the principles of a Zero Trust strategy to secure your data: Verify explicitly, Use least privileged access and Assume breach. Microsoft Purview’s Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention are vital components of a robust data security strategy


How will the EU AI Act impact your business – Readiness track:
Awareness workshop, Assessments of AI projects and tracks, Model Risk framework, Conformity assessment and Final report and recommendations.

Microsoft Fabric

Unlock your data driven business with Microsoft Fabric, an AI-powered platform that unifies all data estates on an enterprise-grade data foundation. Get the webinar recording or contact us to find out more about of the added value of Microsoft Fabric.

Our reference cases

Soon to be discovered: our AI success stories.