Infinite expertise. One community.
A unique journey

MiCRONOS is the ecosystem of Microsoft competences within De Cronos Groep, and the ideal springboard for companies that have Microsoft clouds at the heart of their digitalization and sustainable innovation.

Partner of the Year Award 2023

Previous Partner of the Year 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve won 2023 Microsoft Belgium Partner of the Year. We take great pride in winning this prestigious Microsoft achievement for the second year in a row, due to its exceptional character.

This realization emphasizes our ambitions and the structural approach of accomplishing them: to reach the top and stay there.

Further, we stress that De Cronos Groep is not only a true “Partner of Everything”, but also a next-level partner to Microsoft. This means that we aspire to check all the required boxes, but don’t stop there. By challenging ongoing business as well, we even take it a step further.

Winning the award once is a significant achievement, but winning it multiple times shows that our MiCRONOS community and the Microsoft ecosystem of De Cronos Groep have maintained high standards and that we continued to evolve and improve.

MiCRONOS: Infinite expertise, One community, A unique journey.

A strong network of expertise and technological ability

With comprehensive expertise in Microsoft clouds and markets, we offer a strong network of professional expertise and technological ability. Our community operates as a digital ecosystem in which the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.





01. Modern Work

How do you feel about collaborative applications?

02. Business Application

Don’t you think it’s time to look at more professionally developed SaaS offerings?

03. Infrastructure

How do you feel about ISV applications that run on the Microsoft portfolio?

04. Digital & App Innovation

Which applications in your current portfolio need to be thrown away and which ones do you migrate to the cloud?

How do you feel about cloud native applications and prioritizing your developers' work?

05. Data & AI

How do you utilize your data to support your digital transformation?

06. Security

What is your cyber strategy and does it apply as the foundation of your digital strategy?

Sustainable innovation with comprehensive expertise

Our community brings together 60 competence centers from De Cronos Group that all share Microsoft as their main common denominator. We also have over 1400 Microsoft experts with extensive experience in all Microsoft workloads and clouds, all working with a hands-on approach. This makes us the clear market leader in Belgium, with unique competences and solutions for building your futureproof organization.

But what else makes us so unique as the BeLux region’s biggest Microsoft partner?


Competence Centers






Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals


Active Microsoft Customers


Solutions Partner

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ENG - MiCRONOS Cloud Solutions Partner badges

“The Cronos Groep is strongly committed to innovation. In a cloud-based world they take the lead. We consider them as one of the strongest partners on data centre migration, application modernisation and data-centric solutions with Azure. They are always an early adopter of our new technologies, such as artificial intelligence or edge computing”.

De Cronos Groep can build further on a long and strong background in the government sector. With the vast amount of expertise in all its competence centers, the group has a unique position in the digital transformation that is currently taking place in such a big way.

Er zijn maar weinig organisaties van deze omvang die zo’n waaier aan services en competenties aanbieden. Met een sterke verankering in het Belgische landschap en steeds van topkwaliteit. Die combinatie is van grote waarde.

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an extremely wide range of
expertise and unique solutions

As part of our ecosystem, customers can call on an extremely wide range of expertise and unique solutions :

  • Cloud Governance workshops
  • Hybrid cloud management & monitoring
  • Chatbot-as-a-Service
  • App in a week
  • Thola online event platform
  • Use Adoption Assessment
  • Security workshops & assessments
  • Throw us your data challenge