For government and local authorities.

Swiss army knife for automating manual tasks and processes.

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Why low-code?

Every organization – public and private – has so called intermediate processes. These are often manual or repetitive tasks or processes that still involve a lot of paper, such as purchase orders for repairs or deliveries. Frequently it’s too expensive or elaborate to make and automate custom software. However, the pandemic has made it very clear it’s time to digitize several of those processes.

With the low-code building software Microsoft Power Platform you’re offered a digital toolbox that allows you to build small applications and automate workflows more quickly and flexible. Offering teams all the tools they need to work more efficiently.

That’s why we created this whitepaper to help local governments in their digital next steps.

What does this whitepaper entail?
  • Why Microsoft Power Platform is based on low-code and what the difference between classic software development is.
  • Become acquainted with the various development applications of Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Discover concrete examples and be inspired.
  • How to keep track of all your apps.

You need a strategy, people and technology to automate these processes. We help (local) governments to align these three points or to help find which elements are missing in order to work more efficiently.

Do you want to know more about Microsoft Power Platform and discover how it can help your governance in your next digital steps?