Your journey to a Modern Employee Experience.

Well-being, connection and engagement to support your future-proof and successful organization.

MiCRONOS and Microsoft are happy to invite you to this edition of Modern Work for Modern People. We want to take you on a journey to build a vibrant workplace and create a better experience for every employee.

Key elements to achieve great employee experience are well-being, connection, focus, empowerment, growth and purpose. But in today’s remote and hybrid work environment creating this great employee experience is more challenging than ever. Employees want to feel more connected and aligned to their company’s purpose and mission. They want to grow, leave a mark and make a difference. Leaders need a modern way to effectively engage and develop their employees, while IT needs to be able to quickly enable this Modern Employee Experience in a secure way without having to rip and replace all their existing systems.

Join us in an exclusive event where you learn from your peers, discuss challenges and opportunities, and get a view of Microsoft solutions with Microsoft Viva. We will take you on the journey to happy, engaged and informed employees.