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September 26th marked the moment we showed you a glimpse of ‘The Future of IT’ by unveiling the potential of Microsoft Technology in the era of hybrid work.

To do so, we introduced you to the game-changing trio: Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Microsoft Intune. This technology offers you all the tools you need to streamline operations, enhance security, and boost productivity across your enterprise. So check out this blog page for a full recap of the event and future references for those who want to dive further into the matter. 

What to remember – Takeaways

We invited four guests to guide you through the new opportunities and challenges that come with hybrid work.

Patrick Viaene
Modern Workplace Lead, Microsoft

To start the day properly Patrick Viaene elaborated on the possibilities of hybrid work. Patrick is Modern Workplace Lead at Microsoft and knows the importance of “A PC on every desk and in every home” as Windows was founded on this mission However, in recent years they add “in the cloud and from any device” as their mission statement had to evolve according to an always changing world. Of course, Microsoft is a pioneer in this rapid change. By means of technology for hybrid work they want to digitally connect the employee to his employer. And as this opens up a world of possibilities, Patrick perfectly opened the day with a proper Microsoft introduction.

Ilse Wathion & Filip Dhaenens
Windows 365 and AVD at NMBS

Secondly, Ilse Wathion took us through the ins and outs of Windows 365 for customers. Ilse is Global Black Belt Cloud Managed Devices EMEA at Microsoft and shared tangible examples of Windows 365 and how it operates with customers. For instance, at NMBS. Filip Dhaenens is Technical Architect at Ypto, the IT department at NMBS. He showed us how Windows 365 and AVD were deployed there, next to insightful takeaways and learnings of its operation.

Dieter Kempeneers & Lieven van de Walle
Windows 365 and AVD at NMBS

Finally, Dieter Kempeneers and Lieven van de Walle took us through some vivid experience from the field with examples of how to deploy Intune, AVD and Windows 365 in the field. Dieter is a Cloud Solution Architect at Arxus and Lieven Cloud Solution Architect at Shiftz. Both Arxus and Shiftz are MiCRONOS competence centers with strong Microsoft expertise. Dieter and Lieven explained how your team can effortlessly access their personalized Windows experience from anywhere, on any device.

Future Action – What is next?

At MiCRONOS, we strive to bring the Microsoft community and knowledge of De Cronos Groep closer to you and your organization. As shown by Patrick, Ilse, Dieter and Lieven, Windows 365, Intune and AVD entail endless possibilities for your employees to work in a hybrid world. If you’re interested in discovering more in depth knowledge on this topic, we have some future inspiration in store as well.

Book some time with our experts in one of their Jam Sessions. A Jam Session is a two hour brainstorm with one of our experts. During this session our Architects guide you through the best options for your organization.


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