Data driven solutions with Mr. Watts.

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As a digital ecosystem, MiCRONOS connects an enormous amount of expertise by means of different competence centers within De Cronos Group, all engaged in Microsoft technology. The MiCRONOS community consists of more than 60 businesses with a combined number of more than 1400 Microsoft experts, making it the biggest Microsoft partner in the BeLux region. Mr. Watts is one of those competence centers, focused on Digital Twins and Data driven solutions. They showcase their technological experience in a number of business cases. We lined up a few cases as clear examples of strong Microsoft technology in various business domains.

Digital Twins in Logistics

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of an intended or actual real-world physical product or, in this case, location or place. For Fabriek Logistiek, Mr. Watts created a Digital Twin of their warehouse environment in order to guide new employees throughout the order picking process.

The need to develop this virtual duplicate was to decrease time invested in training new employees as lots of logistic companies work with temporary contracts or seasonal workers.

Find out how they increased efficiency by leveraging the Digital Twin  on the HoloLens.

Digital Twins in Manufacturing

In a great example of close collaboration, Mr. Watts and its partners Orange and Stäubli created a Digital Twin of Stäubli’s industrial robot arm. These days, modern factories or laboratories are filled with robotics.

That was no different for Stäubli, who asked for a remote solution for maintenance and inspection. To help out their partner, Mr. Watts created a Digital Twin of one of their robot arms so it could be accessed fully virtual and remote.

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Quality improvement in construction

For Hooyberghs, a large construction company with over 70 simultaneous sites, we built a Digital Twin solution to visualize BIM models at the construction site.

A BIM, or Building Information Management, model is – in short – a digital model of a construction site. After an intake workshop we saw possibilities to improve quality control and create a more efficient BIM workflow.

Check out how we helped Hooyberghs here.

Wayfinding technology in automotive

Importer and distributor of cars, D’Ieteren, asked us to design a more efficient solution to bring a car to its assigned spot and pick it back up later. Quite challenging, considering the enormous carpark containing more than 10 000 vehicles, spread over multiple zones.

To help D’Ieteren with this problem we created a digital twin of their parking lots. Afterwards we added a wayfinding algorithm on top. Resulting in a much faster way of locating the specific car. 

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Mr. Watts used various Microsoft technologies for innovative solutions in different domains. By doing so, they obtained efficient, less expensive and most of all, sustainable answers to the problems of their clients. As such, this is a great example of the richness of the MiCRONOS community in regards to Microsoft technology.