AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for City of Kortrijk

Stad Kortrijk stands as a beacon of innovation and community-focused governance. Tasked with the monumental responsibility of catering to the intricate tapestry of its citizens’ needs, the city council faced the universal challenge of maximizing the efficiency of its limited resources while expanding the accessibility and quality of its municipal services. This case study explores the strategic deployment of a virtual assistant solution to revolutionize the interaction between the citizens of Kortrijk and their city council, setting a new standard for municipal service delivery.

Stad Kortrijk

Challenge: meeting diverse citizen needs with finite resources

Like many city councils, Kortrijk was confronted with the dual challenge of addressing an ever-growing array of citizen demands with a finite set of resources. The need to provide timely, accessible, and high-quality services was ever-increasing, putting pressure on the council to innovate beyond traditional service delivery models. The task was clear: find a scalable, efficient solution that could adapt to the diverse and evolving needs of Kortrijk’s citizens without compromising the personal touch that lies at the heart of local governance.

Solution: implementing an AI-powered virtual assistant

The solution came in the form of a sophisticated virtual assistant, designed to bridge the gap between the council’s operational limitations and the citizens’ expectations for prompt and effective service. Leveraging advanced natural language processing and automation technology, the virtual assistant provided an immediate, 24/7 point of contact for citizens, capable of offering personalized assistance for a wide range of inquiries and services.

This digital interface was seamlessly integrated across multiple communication platforms, ensuring that citizens could access information and services through their preferred channels. Whether through social media, the city’s website, or mobile applications, the virtual assistant was there to provide consistent, understandable, and efficient assistance. Beyond immediate citizen support, the data generated from these interactions offered invaluable insights, enabling the council to continuously refine and optimize its service offerings based on real user needs and feedback.

On an annual basis, we receive around 80,000 inquiries from citizens. Answering all of these requires a substantial amount of time from our staff. Our virtual assistant now automates online queries, levelling off the recent uptake of phone calls and mails.

Luc Velghe, Director of Digital Transformation
City of Kortrijk


The introduction of a virtual assistant to Stad Kortrijk’s service delivery model marked a significant milestone in the city’s ongoing journey towards digital transformation and citizen-centric governance. This innovative approach not only enhanced the accessibility and efficiency of municipal services but also underscored the city’s commitment to embracing technology for the betterment of its community. As Kortrijk continues to evolve and adapt, the virtual assistant stands as a testament to the power of innovation in meeting the challenges of modern municipal governance, ensuring that the city remains responsive, agile, and, above all, focused on the needs of its citizens.

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