Puratos’ AI recipe for success

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2024 will definitely be the year in which AI solutions will be used by increasingly more businesses to obtain efficiency or cut costs. You cannot mention Microsoft these days without mentioning AI. As a preferred Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, our MiCRONOS community strongly focuses on this domain, with several competence centers continuously building profound expertise in AI. They succeed in making their offering turn the hype into solutions with a positive impact on businesses.


What about Puratos? 

Puratos is an international company that specializes in the production of ingredients for the bakery, patisserie, and chocolate sectors. They asked MbarQ to simplify the search for the right ingredient for whatever you’re baking. They sell over 100 types of products, which are hard to find for customers, who often don’t know the right name of the product.  

So MbarQ cooked up a digital Sous-Chef to help them optimize one of their business processes: an AI chatbot that functions as a virtual assistant and culinary colleague as well.  

Data-driven dilemmas 

Imagine a vast array of countless types of products, most of which customers don’t know the exact names of themselves. How do you find what you’re looking for in such an offer? Enter MbarQ. Fueled with a strategic approach and the right (Microsoft) expertise, they developed a chatbot that’s not just a virtual assistant but a culinary colleague as well. As a digital assistant, he’s powered to sink his teeth into this huge amount of data to help customers out with their questions. 

Your digital sous-chef 

In other words, MbarQ wanted to simplify the search for the right ingredient Puratos’ clients were looking for. If they can’t come up with the right name for the exact thing they need, they can ask the chatbot a question or describe the product, and the chatbot unveils a wide range of products with specific characteristics and application tips. It’s like having a personal sous-chef and store worker simultaneously at your fingertips. 

The Microsoft flavor 

Puratos maintains a close partnership with Microsoft, who tipped the MiCRONOS community of De Cronos Groep as the go-to partner for Generative AI solutions. When starting with AI technology, you bump into a dilemma: dive in deep and understand the technology yourself. Or put your faith in the hands of experts? Puratos did the latter and reaped the benefits pretty soon.

“We chose a partner that is already experienced with the tech. (…) MbarQ was really proactive and had already built a use case specifically for us. So they worked on our needs and we’re going to continue working with MbarQ.” 

Benjamin Bado, Data and Digital Innovation Manager, Puratos 

Approach, implementation, and the benefits of generative AI 

To start such a project, MbarQ supported Puratos with two essential basics for every AI solution: GPT knowledge and arranging your datasets. Secondly, they built the chatbot. After very extensive testing, they could note a few ‘lessons learned’, which led to a further understanding of its potential and its requirements.

Finally, this use case presents a clear example of why you should get started with AI now. First of all, it’s the Usain Bolt of adaptation, bringing innovation to your doorstep. Meaning, it’s really soon accessible for everyone who needs to work with it, which was important to Puratos as well.

Early access wasn’t a choice; it was a necessity. After getting over this minor threshold, you’ll notice the technology is ready to be used. Because it evolves at such an impressive pace, it is mature and polished. So don’t wait for five years, because it is already the new normal.  

People use it in their daily lives and that’s what your business should do too. That’s exactly what Puratos did, supported by the excessive expertise of MiCRONOS and MbarQ. 

Curious about the entire case?