Center of Excellence for
Technology Partners (ISV)

To choose is to win.

Developing and launching a digital product has never been so easy. A good idea, some funding, and you’re on your way. Or not?

Thanks to the extensive expertise of its different Competence Centers MiCRONOS offers a one-stop-shop for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). Our Center of Excellence experts will assist you with advice and help you make the right choices, every step of the way. Because to choose is to win.

More traditional companies in various sectors, that decide to digitalize an existing or new product or service, and organize their structures and processes accordingly, can also be viewed as a software company.

Business & Technology

Our services are grouped into two large clusters: the business side of your company, and the related technological decisions. These two clusters are of course channels for communication, and some services (such as DevOps) run through both.


Business Model

Who is your customer and what do they want?

Adding transparency and a clear vision to your offering includes:

  • Clear customer-centric strategy: Who is your customer? What do they need?
  • Analysis of your solution: What does it solve? 
  • Designing a business model canvas framework
  • The cloud as part of your solution 
  • What do you outsource and what do you do internally? 

All these questions have an impact on your technological decisions and DevOps organization. Paying the necessary attention to this now can save you lots of time and money later. 

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A heart that beats for technology doesn’t always make it easy to identify customer needs correctly. It’s important to have a clear idea of the requirements that your product needs to satisfy, and identify exactly how this adds value for the end user.


Is everyone on board?

A move to the cloud, fast growth, internationalization… these changes can have a big impact on your organization and business model. We have experts within our ecosystem who can help to guide this change and transformation, including with:

  • Cloud first strategy
  • Product roadmap
  • Sales incentivization

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The emergence of the public cloud and many technological innovations are leading to the transformation of our sector. The time to market is getting shorter for digital products and services all the time, providing an opportunity but also a challenge to make the right choices.

Go to market

How do I reach my customer?

How do you introduce a new product or solution to the right target audience; or an existing product to a new target audience? Enter our marketing specialists, who can help you with:

  • Planning a commercial roadmap
  • Defining the best financial model (sales vs. subscription)
  • International growth
  • Pricing strategy
  • Setting up a commercial marketplace 

Our experts give you the right tools to storm the market as successfully as possible. 

We consulted with business experts in the MiCRONOS ecosystem for our pricing strategy because we didn’t really know much about it. We now offer both a licensing model per event and an annual subscription, which includes some free tickets for the events. 

We’re still benefiting from MiCRONOS sales support, too. We don’t have our own sales department yet, but someone visiting us twice a week to take care of everything suits us perfectly.

Wouter Janssens - CEO Thola Events




Phase 1: To choose is to win

It’s important to maintain a helicopter view of your product in an initial phase. MiCRONOS provides advice for this ‘balancing act’: how do you retain the complexity while keeping the cost as low as possible and the quality up to the required standard? 

  • Cloud as business driver: benefits of the cloud for growth
  • Architecture development: based on your business practice, you roll out the structures for further development here
  • Cloud tech optimization: our specialists are up to date with the latest technological developments and provide advice for choosing the right infrastructure with a view to achieving optimal results. No unnecessarily complex and expensive technology in relation to customer needs

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You can now make your technology choices based on your business analysis. It’s particularly important to base these choices on market demand: after all, you want the end user to have your product quickly, efficiently, and for the lowest possible cost. Many companies fall into the trap of over-engineering in this phase, but the more complex your technology, the harder it is to manage the process and ultimately: the higher the cost. So it’s best to choose a model with a scalable cost according to the number of customers.


Phase 2: The cloud is not the limit

Our technology specialists zoom in on the product specifications in this phase, and you can call on extensive expertise from the MiCRONOS ecosystem, including for:

  • AR & VR
  • AI & bots
  • API management
  • IOT
  • Machine learning

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We have all the experts you need in house. The cloud-readiness of your product is important in this phase. If you were born in the cloud, we’ll happily advise you on the best way to set up and optimize your product. But we can also be your partner for rolling out application modernization processes if (some of) your applications still need to take the step to the cloud – to ensure they are added as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Thola was born in the cloud, and we started with a scale-up so that we didn’t have to set up a new environment for every customer. We also built in an auto-scale so that Thola automatically grows together with the number of customers. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with experts in the MiCRONOS ecosystem for this.

Wouter Janssens - CEO Thola Events



Has the engine been oiled?

DevOps is at the heart of your organization and acts as the glue between your business and technology. We help you define and roll out the right DevOps principles and techniques:

  • Release management
  • Solution development in a SaaS environment
  • Deployment strategy: how fast can you change or upgrade your application?
  • Temporarily increasing your development capacity
  • Support for internal developers

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Software companies often start with a limited team and then expand quickly, often together with external partners. So it’s really important that your development and operations are geared up for this. We help you organize your team (collaboration and communication), and also for example your application development (efficiency and scalability), so that you can add new features quickly and respond to customer requests.

Security & privacy

No black-box

Our privacy and security experts assist you with advice and action: we use thorough security checks and analyses at different levels to ensure you’re properly protected and compliant with legislation at all times.

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GDPR has put privacy high on all of our agendas, but it’s still often unclear how to implement the complex regulations and legislation as correctly and efficiently as possible. Security is also an issue which no one denies is extremely important, but it can be hard to find the right expertise, especially when preparing a move to the cloud.

Security is of course absolutely essential. Your infrastructure is managed in the cloud by Microsoft and is completely secure. But the same can’t necessarily be said for your application. That’s why MiCRONOS experts perform security scans on the code to make sure everything is 100% protected.

Wouter Janssens - CEO Thola Events