Fast Forward to the year 2022

Microsoft Teams and Viva as the central hub of hybrid work

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Microsoft Teams has become the pinnacle of our digital workplace: working together, online meetings and conversations and even integrating other applications is the norm now.

Fast forward to the year 2022 where hybrid work is embedded in most organisations. Discover the benefits of fluid hybrid organisations using Microsoft Teams and Viva as the central hub of collaboration and communication.


We will look at how you can tackle the next two hurdles: how to leverage Microsoft Teams Voice and Meeting rooms, and how to keep your employees engaged and informed through Microsoft Viva.

Join us to discover our vision and solutions for Microsoft Teams Voice and Microsoft Viva.


Check out this video by Microsoft explaining some of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams.



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In each session, we will keep you up to date on the latest platform innovations and present you some interesting case studies and offerings that might benefit your business.

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